‘BRAVE’ Riley Pearce

Riley Pearce ‘BRAVE’ Single Launch Tour

Poster & Facebook designs.
Riley Pearce is on his way to the top! An alternative folk musician from Perth, who is currently working on his new EP titled Outside The Lines, which is a collection of his thoughts and experiences from his latest travels. ‘Brave’, his new single is just about to be launched and to kick it off he will be touring around WA, including the Indi Bar in Scarborough on Friday August 28th.

I was lucky enough to design the posters and Facebook covers for his tour. The brief was for a dark, stylised look with a main graphic that focused on ‘brave’ some initial ideas such as a boy holding a teddy bear with a lions head were designed and were developed into the end result of a half lion half boy head – expressing the braveness within the ‘boy’.

Head on over to his Facebook page for more details about the tour and be sure to check out some of his tunes on his website or spotify – you wont be dissapointed!

© Copyright Alison Collier Designs 2015


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