Drip Hunters

Drip Hunters Plumbing and Gas

Logo design.
Drip Hunters are your local plumber and gas fitter with over 10 years experience and great rates. They are a small but growing team full of hard working, honest and expert services. With a smile on their face and plunger ready at hand, these guys are the friendly family operated team you need when that leaky tap shows up and more!

For their logo they wished for their personality, friendly, honest values and profession to be expressed through the main graphic. Something clever, cartoony and related to ‘Hunting’ were the key requirements for this project.

A mix of concepts were created, including droplet characters, dripping taps, plumbing tool letters and a happy plumber, but a combination of two where developed into the final design. This final design is unique, clever, friendly and expresses the teams personality to a tee as well as relating back to the name ‘Drip Hunters’ with the dripping plunger held by the drip hunter character.

All in all I loved working on this project. It was fun and different to others. It may not be the typical ‘plumbing’ logo, but that is what makes it unique to them and stands out from the rest in this industry.

If you are in need of some plumbing services be sure to hit these guys up! Check out their facebook page here for more details about them.

© Copyright Alison Collier Designs 2015



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