Green Goodness Co

Green Goodness Co

Green Goodness Co is an online directory for all things green! They are all about helping people by educating, engaging and inspiring health and wellness for all in our community.

My role in the project was to help create this new brand logo, look, feel, function, imagery and so fourth. It needed to be engaging, inviting, modern and simple and not the over the top cliche ‘greenie feel’, it needed to be a bit different and stand as it’s own amongst the rest. Texture, rather than colour was the key for this brand, using imagery, shapes and textures as the main branding that complimented the logo well (either the portrait or landscape version) the logo being able to be used on nearly anything whether that be over images, created from an image, on a coloured background or reversed! – It was designed to be versatile.

From there we rolled out the branding working on business card design ‘sets’ – with more than one back design for the cards, letterheads, MailChimp templates, FB Covers, Booklets and customised pin drop graphics & social media icons. Along with some online designs such as banners, headers and footers for use on their new website (which is currently being built!)

These just a few things for this new business. Green Goodness Co are just getting started are are going to be something big! A resource for all to use to find not only inspiration, but connect with the people around them, those on a similar journey and those who dedicate their lives to help and serve through their businesses.

‘Nurture, Nourish, Move’ are their key areas of focus helping you to find health your way.

Keep a look out for these guys – big things are happening.

*Project as Junior graphic designer @Halo Communications.
© Copyright 2015 Alison Collier Designs


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