CoCo | Kingdom

CoCo | Kingdom Logo, Branding & Website design

CoCo | Kingdom are a new online clothing store based in Perth WA. The shop is run by two sisters Melanie and Telisha. At an early age, everyone around them knew that they were destined for a job in fashion. Melanie and Telisha then came up with an idea… since they love clothes so much, why don’t they start their own store and share the love of fashion with everyone they know and are yet to know. Now their dream has become a reality and they are doing what they truly love! Their clothes are edgy, fun and stylish, with plenty to choose from!

My job was to create their brand and website. This project started with designing their logo. Mel and Telisha having some ideas already, I was to put them together and bring them to life in a logo. Once we finalised the logo I begun designing the website pages in Adobe Photoshop CC. Some features that we incorporated into the site where a shop, customised Instagram feed and customised sidebar with specifically designed icons for each category. Their Branding was brought across into the website with a designed pattern in the background, icons as ‘hot spots’ on the home page and graphic overlays to add some ‘edge’ to the pages where needed.

All in all, the website designed for CoCo | Kingdom is fresh, modern and sleek, ready for their new business to really take flight!

*Project as Junior graphic designer @Halo Communications.
© Copyright 2015 Alison Collier Designs


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