Guru Bites Food Truck

Guru Bites was a small freelance project that I took on at the start of January 2014. The brief involved a new start up business — food truck business that needed an identity. The client wanted the logo to be versatile, something that was able to be used both as just type, image and combined logotypes. The brief also included designing the signage of the food truck.

Guru Bites was the name of this new food truck business, which focused on Indian/Western Cuisine. The client was very keen on using a guru in the logo as a symbol, a strong visual that people could remember. I designed a vector guru graphic that showed only a head to simplify the symbol and bring focus. My concepts included incorporating forks and spoons, different shaped beards and bites, which brought me to the final logo a stylised vector designed guru head with bites out of the top of the head, this strengthening the name ‘Guru Bites’.

Once the logo was final the truck signage was the next step. It needed to be bold and strong and also had to work alongside a black and white logo — to the clients wishes. In the end my design included two colours a yellowy-orange and green which helped convey the indian style food (as they are similar colours used on the indian flag) it would be selling. These colours were accompanied with a mehndi designs also designed as vector graphics to allow each graphic to work well at a large scale and also look good alone but when seen together work well as a whole on the food truck.

A very fun, yet short project. Can’t wait to see it out on the road!

All designs by Alison Collier ©2015


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