Vivi Bank

Vivi Bank is a new bank aimed at Generation Z. This bank is all about being “the bank thats part of your social circle” and aims to make banking easy, convienient and friendly rather than a hassle or a chore, this making the younger generation more involved with their banking and something that they want to be apart of.

My designs are bright and young and offer different ways of banking so you can find the easiest way of doing it, really focusing on how people bank, what they touch, where they go… whether that be at a branch, on our app, online or at an ATM, no matter where you are or your timeframe.

The name ‘Vivi’ comes from the word vivid meaning bright, colourful, fun, multi – things that related to many peoples lives and what this banks underlining meaning was to be fun with many ways of helping you. The logo works with positive and negative space — the ‘V’ being the cut out shape of the symbol and within a shape that looks like a speach bubble, this again representing your say, your way at this bank, engaging with the whole social factor in youth and how this bank really is part of your social circle.

© Copyright Alison Collier Designs 2015


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