ISTD Submission

ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers)  Submission 2013

For this years istd project I decided to choose the food for thought brief. My topic was insects as a new edible food source for the near future. I wanted to design things that outlined just how beneficial insects are as food and how they are greater than traditional livestock in many ways, provide a healthy balanced environment and surprisingly tasty and nutritious.

For this I designed a new brand/organisation called 6 is greater than 4 (6>4) this referring to the number of legs both insects and normal livestock such as cattle have (6 being the insects and 4 being the livestock) and explain how insects as a food source offer the same if not greater benefits and wonders and was the key definition to my campaign. I designed the brand, logo, membership card, insect size hand book, about flyer, recipe cards, and brochure along with a website and shop delivery bag designs for the online shop on the website. These designs were packaged together and presented as a ‘membership pack’ people interested could sign up to and become a member and then be presented with the membership pack in the mail with key information and some goodies to get you started in the future food change.

© Copyright Alison Collier Designs 2015


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