Chevron Board Game

A live client brief for our advertising class, working with Chevron on their Gorgon Project Board Game for Barrow Island. The brief was to team up into pairs and design and develop a board game that outlines the quarantine processes on the island as well as the flora and fauna. Aimed at FIFO workers and their families.

Our game included 3 card decks, Quarantine cards, Environment cards (multiple choice questions) and Action cards (act out an animal or process and get rated) which helped you gain spaces on the board and more through the trail to the end.

After designing and developing a first mockup of the game and pitching it to one of our clients Jen, we were provided with some feedback for our games. About 2 months went by after sending off our final board game submissions to Jen at Chevron Head Quarters in Perth, my design partner Toni Northall and I were pleased to find out that our game had been shortlisted out of 5 other games. We were invited to Pitch our game to the Chevron client group at Chevron HQs and await the decision a month later.

Winning game. Our game ‘Barrow Bound’ was one of two games chosen by Chevron to go into production with and sell.

All designs by Alison Collier ©2014


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